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Welcome to Prime Developers .

Prime  Group needs no introduction in the real estate and   Civil Engineering contracting  business circles of Mumbai/Bombay - India. The group began its activities in 1992 with the aim of providing quality civil engineering work to the Civic Authorities of Mumbai. Due to the persistent, innovative and dynamic team efforts of all partners, the group today stands poised as consistent and most trustworthy civil engineering  group in Mumbai. Over the span, the group has grown from strength to strength having completed number of projects and laying complete faith in time honoured concepts of quality, excellent design & construction. The Projects completed by the group spread from Mumbai to Pune. We are registered with leading Municipal Authorities and Public Works Department bodies in India.

We are also keen on adopting innovative technologies in the civil engineering field and welcome tie ups with civil engineering companies aboard  who posses proprietary technology which could be introduced in India for real estate development or for Municipal and Civic authorities in India.


Email: info@primemumbai.com

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